Seeing Me

“It is important to be listened to but even more important to be heard.”

Each of us has a unique story to tell. By honoring and respecting a person’s truth and believing in their story the healing process can become a reality. By belief in a person’s truth I find that I become engaged in the process of asking curious and needful questions. As I ask the questions my respect for this person’s beliefs and values becomes stronger. The questions and the understanding that result from the exchange of ideas can guide individuals towards new insights and change.

If you are seeking insight-oriented individual counseling, or long-term therapy in either a face-to-face an online setting we can talk about it. If you want to make deep lasting changes that go beyond simply changing your outward behavior and you like what you read on this site let’s talk.

B.A. Sonoma State University
M.A. John F. Kennedy University
License: U.S. State of California: MFC 38078

“Change is learning to see and old rainbow in a new way”

If there is one thing I am passionate about it is that people with disabilities can rock the world. We can do most anything if we learn to adapt to ways of getting it done for our specific disability. If we are realistic the world is our canvas and we can draw great designs in it.

I want to see those who desire to make lasting changes succeed. I am passionate about the “underdog.” There is something about this type of person that causes me to root for them: abled or disabled I cheer. We each have our own challenges mine might be outwardly more apparent than yours. Yours, like mine, can be harnessed and used to do great things.

I want to teach families that having a disabled person in the home doesn’t mean that life as you know it is over and that there is no more “normal.” While it is true that things have changed you can come to a new way of thinking and doing things that will enable you to live with power. Having a child with a disability is not a life sentence.

One of my favorite feelings, one that I enjoy as often as I can is the feeling that there are no barriers. I like smashing through unseen walls and quietly moving forward. This is fun. The fun began instinctively when I was a child and has continued into my adult life. I am committed to self-improvement and change in my own life and barriers are just obstacles that need to be taken away.

The most fun I’ve had in my adult life is watching others learn to break down their own life barriers. Discovering that you can do something new, or do it independently or for that matter not even have to do it is the greatest feeling I know of. Seeing a light bulb turn on when someone realizes that the way they’ve been thinking IS the barrier this is exciting for me and liberating for them.

I’ve always loved a good fight. My first good fight was getting the doctors to fit contact lenses for me. This, the doc said, could not be done due to my nystagmus. This, I thought to myself, was stupid. When I was 13 I set out to fix the problem and prove the doc wrong. It took a year in a dark room with a flashlight but I taught myself to calm my eyes, focus just long enough, and stay still. I won. What a victory it was. Seeing the docs reaction was the fun part of the payoff. Never tell me never.

I’ve never looked at my life as having obstacles. Change is wonderful in all of its forms. No matter what you want to call your own trials they can be faced, unmasked, stared down and conquered.

I knew at 16 that this was my life’s work. I had a high school counselor who was returning to school for her Masters. We began talking and I began learning. I realized that I loved learning about clinical psychology and I realized that this felt familiar. I could see how doing the work I now do could help both individuals and families, able and disabled alike. I feel so blessed to be able to do what I love.

I want you to know that your story is important to me. I want you to know that you leave a lasting impression on me, and that my life is richly affected by what I learn from you. I am honored that you are willing to do the hard work of life and allow me, for a time, to travel along the road you walk on. You will remain a part of me for the rest of my life journey.

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