A Sad Update

I am going to post this to my blog because it will reach more people faster.

On Monday 23 June I went off to the KNGF with high hopes. Maira is a great dog but she will not be mine. On Thursday the 26th I was admitted to the UMC-Utrecht neurology unit. The short story is that after all of the time I spent planning I can’t have a dog.

I am totally bummed and depressed and feel like a piece of my world got yanked out of my life. It did. I will move on. For now it is important that I accept and take the time to cry the tears of sadness.

I am thankful for some great docs. I am thankful that I am alive, and that with care I can stay that way. I will say more later. For now I am just trying to enjoy my first complete day home from “the big house” as Jon and I call it.

With much thanks for support,


About Gail Nicolaysen-Shurtleff

I am an American who is living in The Netherlands. I am a Marriage and Family Therapist with a license to practice in California. Music has been a huge part of my life. Singing is something you can find me doing at any time and anywhere. I have to admit that I try to not sing while out in public though. You can also find me in the kitchen cooking up wonderful things. cooking is something that I have just recently (in the last ten years) discovered that I'm talented at doing, and it is really fun. The best way to know me is to read my blog.
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2 Responses to A Sad Update

  1. Flora says:

    No!!! I’m so sorry for you. That is an unpleasant surprise. Good luck, and take care

    • Gail Nicolaysen-Shurtleff says:


      Please don’t be sorry. I’d rather do this than have her and be bonded with her and have to give her up.

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