Low Vision Rant

I do not like this Microsoft.
I do not like that it is slop.
I would prefer an open source
And I will sing in joyful chorus
When software developers get the drift
That low vision people are caught in a rift.
We like to see things Yes, WE DO.
We like the same fun things as you.
We get mad at stupid stuff
I think I want to blow something up

Would not the world be wonderful
If only Firefox and Chrome would work for us?
If Supernova and Dragon to decided they would design for you.
I say developer set us free!!!!
From Microsoft and tyranny
You have us up the software tree.
We’re stuck up her and can’t come down.
We just want a better way to get around.
The browsers out there are low tech
The ones designed for low vision
HECK out the window they must go!!!!!
Give us liberty or we may blow!!!!

Another thing that peeves us so is software fonts that do not grow.
What the bleeps was Skype not thinking?
Were their developers out all night drinking?
Did they run off to la la land?
Join the circus or form a dead beat band?
Or travel to the U.S.A. find a Fry’s and run away?
Please dear people make it so the fonts in software grow and grow.

Yes, I know this is bad Seuss.
Yes I know I’m writing loose
Kind souls if you would please
Scream and shout for us please!!!!
We might enjoy Incredimail or Thunderbird
Or follow the Google trail.
We are no different from you
We just wanna surf the web and have fun too.

We don’t like head pain so we settle
All those short cuts are helpful too
We love to cut and paste and copy to

And when we end our computer day we like to have energy when we walk away.

I feel a wee bit better now having ranted and shouted so you can think?????

Support your friendly blind/low vision friend. File a complaint with a customer service person at any of the above mentioned rant spots.


About Gail Nicolaysen-Shurtleff

I am an American who is living in The Netherlands. I am a Marriage and Family Therapist with a license to practice in California. Music has been a huge part of my life. Singing is something you can find me doing at any time and anywhere. I have to admit that I try to not sing while out in public though. You can also find me in the kitchen cooking up wonderful things. cooking is something that I have just recently (in the last ten years) discovered that I'm talented at doing, and it is really fun. The best way to know me is to read my blog.
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4 Responses to Low Vision Rant

  1. Jon Shurtleff says:

    Good rhyme.

  2. Anouk Radix says:

    Hi Gail,
    Well apparently at sometime being blind is easier then being low vision. I use firefox and thunderbird witout a hitch and that with a free open source screenreader called nvda.
    Have you considered switching to apple? I know mountain lion comes with built-in screenreader, magnification and dictation software. On theiphoneyou have siri(dictation) and zoom.
    Greetings, Anouk,

    • Gail Nicolaysen-Shurtleff says:

      OH how I miss Supernova. I will research this stuff as I might be a few weeks before the new worker bee computer is constructed. I wish I could afford an Apple. I’m hoping to double my monitor work space so that I can have my six documents open in happy safety…when I have large projects it really helps to sit them around so I can work with them.

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